Virudhunagar Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu India

         This district was trifurcated from the Ramanathapuram districts in 1985 with an area of 4232 Virudhunagar town is the district headquarters and has a growth of administration center. The nearby districts are Madurai district in the north; sivaganaga district in the northeast, Ramanathapuram in the east and in the south by Tirunelveli and Tuticorin district are bounded.

Places to Visit in Virudhunagar

Tiruchuli (40 km)

         This spot is located on the southern bank of the Gundar. Here, the deity Bhuminathaswamy temple is worshipped and it is one of the 14 major saivaite centers in this south region.

Kamaraj’s House

         It is the house where the great & eminent leader, the legend and the former chief minister of Tamilnadu Mr. Kamarajar was born and brought up. Now, after his demise the place is been a memorial with exhibits of photos and mementos related to the leader is displayed.


         A beautiful hamlet where Andal was born she is a devotee of lord Krishna. The srivilliputhur temple is the government emblem of Tamilnadu.

Shenbagathope Grizzled squirrel sanctuary

          It is a wildlife sanctuary lies on the eastern slopes of the western ghats, famously known for grizzled squirrels mainly and other walks of wild animals still live here too…


        It is the burial place of the great king pandya. It is situated on the out skirts of Tiruchuli. This sepulchre temple is the only one of its kind in this region. Aruppukottai, a nearby town is a famously known place for weaving center.

Kullursandi Reservoir

           This is a spot on developing stage as a picnic spot. It is situated on the Kowshiya Mahanadi, a tributary of the Arjuna Nadi.


           This is a small cavern at the foot of the hillock, which is said that Jain monks would have lived in it. This is situated on the road to Kalugu malai from vembakottai.


          Located on the east of Sathur, on the banks of Arjuna nadi and vaippar. The famous Temple of Mariamman is situated here. The panguni uttiram festival is celebrated for 21 days will be a landmark to the south.

Sivakasi town

           A famous town for matches and firework industry and the next best print media industry of the state. It is complete commercial spot of the south known as the southern ‘Bombay city’.


         An ancient town with Tamil literature Flourishes.


         An ideal picnic spot where, vembakottai reservoir system receives water from sever tributaries of the vaippar.

Pilavakkal Dam

          This Dam has two sections, the periyar Dam and the Kovilar dam, an ideal spot for dam site and picnic too.

Ayyanar Falls

          Located on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats provides a great scenic beauty to enjoy with nature.

How to Reach Virudhunagar

How to Reach Virudhunagar By Air

         Nearest Airport is Madurai. It is about 58km away.

How to Reach Virudhunagar By Rail

          It is a junction which connects rail route to all directions.

How to Reach Virudhunagar By Road

        Three National highways run through the districts and have a clear road network in this district.