Villupuram Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu India

         Villupuram district is the district headquarters and the second largest district of the state. It was derived from the south arcot district in the year 1993. It is bounded by cuddalore district in the east and south, Salem and Dharamapuri district on the west and by Tiruvanamalai and Kancheepuram district in the north.

Places to Visit in Villupuram

Tirukkoilur (37 km)

          This is a picnic spot and a devotional filled location where in situated in the middle of the river pennayar, you have deities of the Vishnu temple such as ulagalanda perumal (Thiruvikarama swami) and Pushpavallithayar and Kabilar kundur are the devotional places.

Gingee fort

           Located on the three hills this fort takes a vital role of historic monuments here. Today, the fort is partially ruined with its temple and granaries yet a worth able watch. This spot is surrounded with other important places such as the kalayana Mahal, venugopala swamy temple, the wooden bridge, the watch tower on top of the Rajagiri fort, the Hanuman temple, Chakkarakulam and Chethkulam pounds, sad-at- ullah Khan Mosque, kamalakanni Amman Temple and Ranganatha temple and moreover, the nearby places of this district is thickly populated with the olden days structures and designed temples which exposes as the pre historic place in tamilnadu. Over (1450 years) ago thiruvaamathoor and Thumpoos are the places which have chola built temple namely Natamman is here. Then Esalam, with a temple of Ramanatha Eswarar, and place where 8000 Jain monks lived named as ennayiram and proves its ages. During pallava regiment those days, Thalavanur was famous for its shatru Malleswaralayam built by the pallava kings. Another interesting location is the pachai Amman temple that is situated on the pachaimalai known for its medicinal herbs. The highlight of this location is that you get a clear view of the temple tower of Tiruvananamalai from this hill. A worth admiring spot with spiritual thoughts and thought of the past.

Villupuram Tour Information

24 Theerthangarargul (2 kms)

          It is a historic place dates back 9th century. This spot is on a hillock where it contains two Jain caverns and a huge boulder filled with oldest sculptures of all the 24 Theerthangaras exposed in a large composition will be the only spot in Tamil Nadu.


         It is a temple dedicated to Angala Parameshwari, the deity worshipped here in sembadavar.


         The Temple of lord Ranganatha, the tutor god of Raja Desingh, who is still been worshipped here.

Venkataramana Temple

         The biggest temple of gingee with lots of Tamil inscriptions on the walls of the Mandapas is found here.


         It is an oldest theatre to be called as the citadel on this hill built out of stone & granaries, this great pillar hall contains two temples, an edifice spot built of brick and mortar and so spaciously known as the Audience chamber is famously seen here.

Melnaariyappanoor Church

        It is a 100-year-old church still in existence.

Mandagapathur (17 km)

         This hillock is a famous Archaeological Temple found, wherein, the Mahendraverma pallava have built a cave temple was great treasure those days.

Mel Chitlanur ( 10 km)

          This place has two major temples dedicated to parsvanatha and chandraprabha. It is also the headquarters of Digambara sect in tamilnadu.


          This hillock contains a Jain cave and two temples namely parsvanatha and chandraprabha.

Kalrayan Hills

          A lovely adventurous spot for trekkers, its vertical heights grab a lot of adventure tourists here. These hills are part of the Eastern Ghats filled with cascades and lovely jungle streams and rivulets.

Mayilam ( 32 km)

          It’s a pilgrimage center where Arulmigu Subramaniya swami Temple to located on a small hillock here.

Thiruvakkarai (40 km)

          This is situated nearby this district, where you have a geological park with petrified tree trunks and fossils. There is an old temple dedicated to lord Siva which was built during the reign of chola queen ‘Sanbiyan Madheviyar.

Thiruvennainallur (20 km)

          This place is famous for being the birthplace of sadayappar, the patron of kambar the great Tamil poet and the author of Kambaramayan the great epic in Tamil Language. There is also an ancient temple dedicated to lord Siva.

Marakanam Beach

         Nearly 22km from Pondicherry in vanur taluk is the closest beach resort and the salt field is an admiration spot in the beach.

How to Reach Villupuram

By Air

        The nearest airport is at Chennai.

By Rail

        Villupuram is a junction, which connects rail route to all the places.

By Road

        Road network is well connected to all the places in Tamilnadu.