Vellore Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu India

        It is the district headquarters and famously known as “the fort city” in Tamilnadu. The topography measures a landscape of 6077 Vellore district lies to the edge of the state, Chennai and Kancheepuram districts in the south and Andhra Pradesh state to its north. Vellore is well known for its 13th century Fort and the Jalakanteshwara Temple (Siva) inside this Fort. 

About Vellore

Vellore is about 157km from Chennai.  Vellore grew into a bustling town from the 6thcentury by changing its rulers and growing in Pulsating activities such as commercial, administrative, educational and Medical Center.  It was the privilege of being the seat of the Pallavas, Cholas, Naick, Maratha, Arcot Nawab and Bijapur Sultan Kingdoms.  The medical college hospital was run by the Christian missionaries is one of the best equipped hospital in India. 

Places to visit in Vellore

The Fort

        This is one of the most perfect military architecture in south India, which provides protection and encamps military training. This ancient Fort was built during the 13th century. It is the main attraction for the tourists who are visiting here. This Fort is historically famous for its past glory with its ramparts, basements, turrets, posts and gates with its perennial water supply. Double walls of this fort are very magnificent and the main walls are made up of massive granite blocks as the strongest fortress during the Carnatic War in the 17th century. This Fort was witnessed by the revolt of Indian Soldiers during the first Independence war 1857.

The Jalakandeswarar Temple

        This temple is situated inside the fort and dedicated to Jalakandeswarar deity. The workmanship of Vijayanagar architectures still speaks of their talents and skills that been born from this state. You have a kalayana mantapam to the left in the fort, which procures a traditional out look with the exquisite carvings is a worth admiration. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Jalakanteshwara (Siva), its stand inside this Fort. This temple is famous for its sculptures and speaks volumes of the exquisite craftsmanship of the highly skilled artist of that period. The entrance of this porch is designed by the sculpture which is considered as a master peace. It location is on the left side. It was appreciated by the connoisseurs of art and architecture.

St. John’s Church

        This is also situated inside the fort and you have a mosque inside the fort too. But the mosque is not used for worship nowadays, because of its age backing up to 1750s.

King George 5th and Queen Mary Clock Tower

         The Queen Mary clock Tower was constructed in the memory of king George the fifth and is also dedicated in the memory of 22 soldiers who sacrificed them for the country during the First World War gives thought of patriotism.

Christian Medical College and Hospital

         In short, it is familiar as ‘CMC’ now in the state. This medical campus was started by Dr.Ida Scudder, a lady from America during 1900 AD initialized as a small venture of medical treatment. Today! It’s the number one medical institution with international standards. For every success behind, there is a women is a true story…

Government Museum

         Government Museum is a worth visiting spot with all its routine Antique collections.

Madarazaye Mohammadiya Masjid

        Built in the 1750 AD by Nawab Chanda Sahib is a place that proves the ancient of habitats here.

Victoria Jubilee Tower

        It is a memory tower of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria in the year 1887.

Vellore Tour Information


        The interesting spots are Delhi gate and Tipu Mahal is a worth spot to view.


         This is a place where once the Mausoleums the family members of Tipu sultan sojourned.

Muthu Mandapam

          This is a place situated on the banks of palar it is raised to honor the last kingship of Tamilnadu who ruled Kandy (sri lanka) Namely. “The Vikarama Raja singha “ from 1798 to 1815 AD and he was imprisoned in vellore fort for 17 years is a memory of the end of king rulers in south India.

Vellore Prison

          The next best landmark to Vellore in TamilNadu. This prison was constructed in 1830 AD is a historical proof. Some eminent personalities and freedom fighters served their prison term here and still it exists the same…

Amirthi zoological park (25 km)

         It is situated under the Javadu Hills of Tellai across Amirthi River and it is a sanctuary of birds and Animals.

Church of south India

         This is a 150-year-old church dedicated to the British soldiers who martyred during sepoy mutiny as honored with this burial ground in this church.


         It is an observatory located in the javadu hills in Alangayam. Moreover, oldest paintings dated 2000 BC to 1000 BC depicting mostly hunting scene are formed around gudiyatham, Tirupattur, Vaniambadi, vellore, Walajah taluk. They have used mostly white and red paints to paint.

How to Reach Villupuram

By Air

          The nearest airport is Chennai.

By rail

         Rail route that connects all cities and town are available

By Road

         Good network of roads that connect nearby cities and states.