Vijaya Raghunatha Thondaiman

During his rule, charitable services continued. The Nawab of Arcot conferred a title Raja Bahadur on Thondaiman. Thereafter the Thondaimans of Pudukottai came to be known as Rajas of Pudukkottai. Pudukkottai Raja supported Arcot Nawabs in their battle against the poligas and the rulers of Tanjore and Ramnad. He built many choultries to provide free rest houses. He fed the poor pilgrams He consolidated the state of Pudukkottai.

During his period he replaced the old weak administration of Tondaiman with Thanjavur Maratha s new administrative system in Pudukkottai region. Many Marathi Brahmins were employed in state administration. Due to calamities the old city of Pudukkottai faced destruction. The present city of Pudukottai was designed and rebuilt during his period.

After Ragunatha Thondaiman, Ramachandra Thondaiman, Marthanda Bairava Thondaiman and Raja Rajagopla Thondaiman ruled Pudukkottai. During the period of these weak Rajas, the British influence had increased in Pudukkottai. Many social, judicial educational reforms were introduced. A new Anglo vernacular free School was started. Population census was commenced. Irrigation tanks were built to over come famine. Finally Pudukkottai became a part of the Indian Union in 1948.