Mughal King Aurangazeb’s representative General Zulfikar Khan invaded and captured Vellore, Ginjee and Arcot. He brought the Nayaks of Tanjore, and Madurai and the Rajah of Trivancore under the control of the mughals. He established the mughal rule in the Carnatic region and became the Nawab. The sovereign representative of the mughal empire in the carnatic region was called as Nawab. Arcot was made as head quarters of the Nawab rulers.

Independent Rule

After the death of Zulfikar Khan his deputy general Daud Khan acted as a Nawab for a short time. He was succeeded by sadatulla Khan. Taking advantage of the political situation and weakness of the Mughal Empire he became an independent Nawab of Carnatic region. He extended his kingdom up to Kaveri.

Dost Ali

Then Dost Ali became the Nawab. During his period the Nawab army under the combined leadership of his son Safdar Ali and his son in law Chanda Sahib fought vigorously and brought Madras, Pondicherry, Thanjavur, Trichy, Madurai, Trivancore under the Nawab rule. Then a political change took place. At the invitation of the Rajah of South, the Maratha army came to Tamilnadu and defeated the Nawab army. Dost Ali was killed and Chanda Sahib was arrested. The Marathas allowed Dost Ali’s son Safdar Ali as the Nawab.
European influence: There was a lot of in fights among the Nawab’s family members over the throne. Taking advantage of the weakness of the Nawabs the French and the English consolidated their position in the Carnatic region.


Anwar ud din of Wallajah became the next Nawab. During his tenure the English built St. George Fort at Chennai. The French established their control in Pondicherry. In violation of Nawab Anwar ud din’s son order the French army captured Fort St. George from the English. This led to a war between the Nawab army and the French army in 1746 at Adayar. This is known as battle of Adyar. The French army defeated the Nawab army in this battle.
Chanda Sahib: Later, the French Governor Dupleix released Chanda Sahib from jail and sent him to fight against the English. Anwar-ud-din was killed at the battle of Ambur in 1749. The British tried to make Anwar Ud din’s son Mohamad Ali as next Nawab. But the French Governor wanted to make Chanda Sahib as the next Nawab. Finally Chanda Sahib becomes the Nawab with the help of the French.

Mohained Ali

When Chanda Sahib marched with his army to Trichy the British General Robert Clive captured the Nawab’s fort at Arcot and Cuddalore. The English made Mohammed Ali as Nawab, Mohammed Ali captured Nellore and Thanjavur. He defeated the Poligas of South and the pathans of Madurai.

The English Control

The French tried to make Raja Sahib the son of Chanda Sahib as Nawab and gain control over the carnatic region. This attempt failed. The English got final victory Nawabs and consolidated their position by bringing all the areas of Nawabs under the British rule.