Early Pallavas

The history of the early Pallavas is not clear. We come to know about the names of some Pallava rulers from the copper plates. They were Pappadeva and Sivaskandhavarman. These kings had issued their copper plates and inscriptions in Prakrit language.

Medieval Pallavas

The next line of the Pallava rulers is called as medieval Pallavas. The most famous among them was Vishnu Gopa. During his South Indian expedition, the Gupta Emperor, Samudragupta defeated Vishnu Gopa. The medieval Pallavas had issued their copper plates and inscriptions in Sanskrit language.

Later Pallavas

The history of the later Pallavas begins with the reign of Simhavishnu, He defeated and eliminated, the Kalabhras from the Tamil country. He gave the status of an Empire to the Pallava kingdom. The inscriptions of the later Pallavas are in both Sanskrit and Tamil languages.

The history of the later period Pallavas does not present too much confusion as odes the history of the Pallavas of the middle period.  The line of succession is succinct.  The plates of Kasakudi, Kooram, Velur Palaiyam and from other places surrounding the ‘Pallavanadu like Chalukyas, Rashtrakoots, Kadambar, Gangar Pandian, Mutharayar, Kalabhras, Banars and also the inscriptions in the cave temples of  South Arcot, Trichirappalli and Chenglept districts in Tamil Nadu and the text such as Mahavamsa, Mathavilasa Prakasanam, Avanthi Sundarikatha, Bharatha Venba, Nandi Kalambagam, Periya Puranam, Thevaram and Nalayira Divya Prabandam are the authentic sources to understand the later period Pallavas.