Culture and Literature under the Pallavas

The contribution of the Pallavas to the cultural development was significant. They had also encouraged the growth of Tamil and Sanskrit literature. The Pallavas had earned name and fame through their magnificent art and architecture. We know that Mamallapuram finds a prominent place in the tourist map of the world. Even today, their temples and sculptures stand testimony to the cultural achievements of the Pallavas.

Growth of Literature

The Pallavas had remained great patrons of both Sanskrit and Tamil languages. Their capital Kanchi had remained a great centre for Sanskrit learning. The Pallava monarch, Mahendravarman I himself wrote the Maththavilasa Prakasanam and Bagavatha Ajikkiyam in Sanskrit. Dhandin was a great Sanskrit scholar who lived during the Pallava rule. He wrote Kavyadharsha. Another Sanskrit scholar Bharavi had visited Kanchipuram during the Pallava period.

Tamil literature had also developed during this period. We have studied that the Nayanmars and Alwars had composed their hymns in Tamil. Their contribution to the growth of Tamil literature during the Pallava period was significant. Their devotional songs constitute important religious literature of the Pallava period. Another Tamil scholar, Perundevanar wrote Bharathavenba during this period. Kalladanar had composed a grammar hook called Kalladam. Another work Nandikalambakam describes the rule of Nandivarman III but we do not know its author. Thus, the Pallava rule had witnessed the growth of both Sanskrit and Tamil literature.