Thirumalai Nayak 1623 AD. To 1659 AD

ThirumalaiNayak was the greatest among the Nayaks of Madurai. He transferred the capital from Trichy to Madurai. He was pious and a genius king. His kingdom included Madurai, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore and some parts of Thiruvanathapuram. He defeated Mysore king Chamarajaudaiyar. He freed himself from the control of Vijavanagar sovereignty and became an independent ruler.

He built many forts. He renovated many temples. By introducing many more’ festivals, he made Madurai as city of festivals. Theppakulam, Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal, Pudhu mandapam, Raja gopuram were some of his contributions. He patronized art and architecture. He built choultries, gopurams, and palaces in Madurai. He donated a number of villages for the maintenance of temples.

The Battle of Noses

ThirumalaiNayak defeated the Mysore ruler KanthiravanarasaNayak at Dindigul. Barbarious punishments were given to the war prisoners. They cut off the noses and upper lips of the war prisoners. So this war has been called the “War of Noses”.

Tirumalai Nayakar Mahal

ThirumalaiNayakar Mahal built at Madurai during the period of ThirumalaiNayak is the unique example for architectural work. The arches, domes and large pillars of the mahal attracted the pilgrims of various places.