Sevvappa Nayak 1532AD To 1580AD

Vijayanagara king Achyutharaya appointed SevvappaNayak as the Navak of Tanjore. He was the first Nayak of Tanjore. His dominion included the Cholamandalam and Thondaimandalam, During the Talikotta war and Trivancore war Sevvappa Nayak gave military help to his overlord Krishriadevaraya. He repaired and renovated the lake at Tanjore which was later called Sevapaneri. He built Sivaganga fort and many temples.

AchyuthappaNayak 1580 AD To 1600 AD

He was the son of Sevvappa Nayak. He ably assisted his overlord Krishnadevaraya. The famous Maharnaham tank in Kumbakkonam was renovated during his period. He built many temples.

Raghunatha Nayak l600AD To 1634 AD

RaghunathaNayak was the son of AchyuthappaNayak. He was the greatest among the TanjoreNayak rulers. He sent his army to Jaffna, He encouraged the British, Portuguese and the Dutch to establish their trading companies in Tamil country. He was a great scholar and an expert in the art of music. He patronized Telugu and Sanskrit languages.

Vijaya ragava Nayak 1633AD. To 1673 AD

VijayaragavaNayak was the son of RaghunathaNayah. He was a scholar in Telugu. He wrote the book called Raghunatha Bhyudayam. During his period the Golkonda Sultan attacked Tanjore and caused great damage to the kingdom. In 1673 ChokkanathaNayak of Madurai defeated and annexed Tanjore with Madurai and appointed his relative Alagiri as Viceroy of Tanjore. With this the TanjoreNayak rule came to an end. The society was peaceful during this period.