Maratha Kings Shivaji

Life of Shivaji

Shivaji was the greatest Maratha king. Shahjibonsle was his father. His mother’s name was Jijabai. Shivaji’s mother taught Shivaji the stories of Ramayanam and Mahabharatham and imbibed the art of bravery and patriotism. Dadajikondadev taught him the art of administration. At the young age tie got military training. He aimed to free India from the Mughal rule. I established a strong army. Shivaji captured Torna, Raigarh, Baramati, Indrapura and purandhar forts. He had successfully tackled the treacherous attempts on his life by Afzal Khan and finally Shivaji killed him. Shivaji defeated the Mughal army which came under the leadership of Shayeista Khan.

Shivaji established the Maratha kingdom and provided an efficient administration Shivaji was a creative genious of a very high order. He rose from the level of petty jagirdar to the status of Chatrapati. He had a very high of morality. He established an indigenous Government against a Muslim rule. Shivaji created a very big impact in the history of India.

Shivaji’s southern conquests

Marathas emerged as a formidable military power Shivaji’s army consisted of 30,000 horses and 40,000 foot soldiers. Shivaji invaded the Tamil country. He defeated the rulers of Ginjee, Vellore, Tanjore and occupied these regions. He appointed Shantaji as his representative to rule there. Shivji spent 10 months in Tainil Country. Shivaji met his brother Venkaji and asked his due share in his lather’s property. Venkaji agreed and gave Tanjore to Shivaji. Some time later when Shivaji died Venkaji captured Tanjore and became independent ruler of Tan1ore.