Maratha Kings

Venkaji 1675AD - 1684 AD

Venkaji was the first ruler of the Tanjore Maratha Empire. He was also called as Ekoji. He consolidated his empire by conquering Tanjore, Trichy South Arcot and Bangalore. The nayaks and the Muslim rulers frequently invaded his kingdom. He strengthened and reorganized his administration. The Marathas took away the fertile lands from the Tamil agriculturists. Apart from making major sections of the people as landless the Government collected heavy taxes from them with harassment. During his rule common people suffered, because of famine and flood.

Shahji-I 1684AD To 1712AD

Venkaji’s son Shahji became the next ruler. He controlled the nayaks. He captured the territories of Madurai and Pudukkottai. He fought frequent wars. He built many hospitals for poor people. He also established a civil and criminal courts. He patronized art and literature.

Sarfoji I 1712AD To 1728AD

Shahji-I was succeeded by his younger brother Sarfoji. Taking advantage of the civil war in the Ramnad region he annexed some more areas with Tanjore. An independent state of Sivaganga was created. He was finally supported by the British Government.

Sarfoji II

Sarfoji II was the next ruler. The British Government recognized Sarfoji II as King in 1798. He surrendered the principality of Tanjore to the British East India Company. Later Tanjore was annexed with Madras presidency. Sarfoji II was succeeded by his son Shivaji to the Maratha throne. Shivaji was the last ruler of Tanjore Maratha empire. With him the Maratha rule in Tanjore was brought to an end. Sarfoji got pension from the East Indian Company Government.