Administration and Literature Maratha

Marathas of Tanjore ruled the fertile areas of Tamil country from 1676 to 1856. Ministers and officials carried on administration. For administrative purpose the Maratha country was divided into Pudukottai, Mannargudi and Kumbakonam region. Each region was divided into Seemai or Mahanam. They were further divided as villages. There were 5753 villages.


The Maratha Kings of Tanjore, Tukkoji, Tuljaji, and Sarfoji and Patronized the Scholars and poets. They contributed much for the development of literature. There were 46 poets in the court of King Shahji. Ramapathara. Alluri Kuppanna was a great Telugu poet in his court. He was respected as Kalidasa of Andhradesa. Dramas, Kavyas and commentaries were written both in Sanskrit and Telugu languages. Thiruvarur, Vedaranyam Thayu manavar, Swaminathadesikar, Seerkazhi Arunachalakavirayar were famous Tamil scholars of Tanjore Maratha empire. Tamil poets wrote sthala puranas and commentaries to devotional songs. Apart from poets, scholars on various other subjects like philosophy astronomy and medicine were also encouraged.