Rajendra I 1002 AD To 1044 AD

Rajaraja the great was succeeded by his able son Rajendra I. Sources like Thiruvalangadu copper plates Karandhai plates give information about Rajendra. He was a great administrator and warrior. He was also associated with his father in the military adventures and administration. Rajendra captured the whole of Ceylon and consolidated Chola domination over Ceylon. He appointed his son Rajathiraja as Yuvaraja to assist him. During his rule he constructed many Siva and Vishnu temples. Rajendra defeated the Bengal king Mahipala I and brought water from Ganges to Tanjore. This water was put into Cholagangam, a large irrigation tank, near “Gangai Konda cholapuram”. In appreciation of this victory, king Rajendra was given the title “Gangai Kondan”. He conquered Malaya region in South East Asia and earned the title “Kadaram Kondan”.

He shifted his capital from Tanjore to Gangai konda Cholapuram. He defeated the Chera and Pandya kings. He fought with Chalukya king Jeyasimha-II. He also defeated the Kalinga king. He started a vedic college. His important titles were Mudikondan, Panditha Cholan, Uthama Cholan. Rajendra was succeeded by Rajathiraja-I, Rajendra-II, Veerarajendra and Adhirajendra. They ruled Chola country for some years.