The Chola History

The Cholas and their contributions find significant place in the history of South India. The early Cholas ruled during the Sangam period, Karikala was the greatest king among the early Chola kings. After a long period, when the Pallava dynasty declined, the Chola kingdom began to shine once again. The greatness of the later Chola rule was revived by the Chola king Vijayalaya. The later Chola kings ruled from 850 A.D to 1279 A.D for nearly 430 years.

Later Chola Dynasty

King Vijayalaya was the founder of the later Chola dynasty. He captured Tanjore from the Muttaraiyas and made it his capital in 850 A.D. He defeated the Pallava King Aparajitha and conquered his Kingdom. He also annexed the Kongu country. He was a worshipper of Siva. He built Siva temples in many places.

Parantaka-I 907 AD to 953 AD

Uttaramerur inscriptions speak about Parantaka I. He was son of Aditya. He conquered many parts of Southern India and extended his boundary. He captured Madurai. He took up the title Madurai Kondan to commemorate his victory over the Pandya king. After defeating the combined armies of the Pandyas and Ceylon kings, he assumed the title “Maduraiyum Ezhamum Kondan”. He extended his empire up to Nellore in north.

Parantaka improved village administration. He was a devotee of Lord Siva. He provided golden roof to the Nataraja temple at Chidambaram and came to be called as “Port Veintha Cholan”. Parantaka was succeeded by Kandaraditya. Arinjaya, Sundara Chola alias Parantaka II and Uttama Chola.