Pudukkottai Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu India

Pudukottai district is the headquarters and a town found from ancient days the districts was one of the homes of pre-historic place. The buildings sturcture and the very large number of burial sites found here assures this fact. In Karukkakurichi (Village in Pudukottai) very recently the archeiology department have found some 500 imperial roman gold and silver coins with in a short distance of Aranthangi, near the old ports of Mimisal and Salaiyur and Some in Tondi near by places.

About Pudukkottai

Basically Pudukottai district was carved out of Trichy district and Tanjore districts in 1974 with an area of 4663s.q km by the 39 km coastline. The bounded districts are Trichy District in the North and West , Sivagangai district in the South , Tanjore district in the North and Bay of Bangal in the East. The ancient living flourished with jainism thoughts and beliefs from 11th century and has numerous jaina vestiges in the districts. The district have several other interesting places to visit.

Places to Visit in Pudukkottai

Sittannavasal (16KM)

The place proves the olden days origin of peoples inhabitants around here. It is an ancient abode of jains during the second century B.C. you have a rock cut cave Temple which exposes unfading fresco paintings in white and red colours as an Ajanta caves. And some more jain Thiruthanharas sculptures provokes as an oldest place.

Kudumian Malai(20KM)

People have an oldest Temple Named Sikhagiriswarar with beautiful sculptures and paintings. The other interesting features of this place are Anna Agriculture Farm and Agriculture Research Institute.

Kodumbalur (35KM)

This place is another ancient proof to this district. The early Chola temple namely “MuvarKoil” is a famous spot to visit but today, as such only two of its shrine does exist.

Thirumayam Fort

This is one of the ancient fort built by Saethupathi known as Thondaiman the ruler of Ramanathapuram during 1687A.D. There are two cave temples in this fort and it played an important role in history of Pudukottai during British rule.


This is the only temple where the Lord here is worshipped as formless with no images in the Sanctum. It is known as Thirupaerunthurai Temple of Athmanathar.

How to get there in Pudukkottai

By Air

No airport – nearest airport is Trichy.

By Rail

Rail route as connectivity all other major cities from here.

By Road

State highways connects roads to all the places. No national highways.