Places to Visit in Nilgiris Tamil Nadu India

The historical background of nilgiris takes us back to the 11th and 12th centuries. It is known as the queen of the hill station , a blessed place of nature on earth. That makes everyone at bliss to live in the woods is a reality. Nilgiris is named Ootacamund or Udhagamandalam. Situated at an elevation of 900 to 2636 meters above sea level. The topography is rolling and steep, the climate is a natural freezer which remains the maximum of 21o celsius to 25o celsius in summer and the minimum of 10o celsius to 12o celsius during winter season it goes down to a minimum of 2o celsius. As a proven fact of the oldest hill station, still tribal inhabitants exists here such as Todas , Kothas, Kurumbas, Erulas, Paniyas, Mulukurumbas and Kattunayakans are the communities that exists.

About Nilgris Sightseeing

The capital of the district is Ooty. Which is the largest and the most important hill station in South India. The place is enclosed with extensive valleys and Lofty ranges of hills, with the major occupation of Tea , Vegetation and Rountine agrians. The name Ootacamund is derived from “Othakamanttu” means “One stone Village”.

The district today is bounded by Karnataka state in the North and on the West by Coimbatore , Erode districts and to the South and East you have Kerala State as the borders for this location. Tourist swam in for summer and winter festivals and flower show exhibition which are the major attractive events in this place.

Nilgiri Tourist Place

Ooty Lake

This is an artificial lake but unique picturesques lake, famously known as “Ooty Lake” a best place to relax and amuse. Tourism department have provided boat rides, poney rides and mini joy train and a lovely childeren park at the East end of the lake. People really enjoy the trip with nature.


Objects which are unique from this districts are exhibited here, such as Timber, Insects, Butterflies , Rocks, Wood Carvings, Kurunji Flower, Stones Sculptures, Bronze works, Model of Thoda hut and olden days coins are the rare visuals to our vision.

The Art Gallery

It contains a good collection of conventional paintings, tribal used object, an ecological display and several other Tamil based arts and crafts are displayed for the viewers.

Deer Park

It is near the lake and a worth visiting spot. Elk hill offers a good view of these area.

St.Stephen’s Church

It is oldest church in Nilgiris .

Ketti Valley View

Is the Second largest valley in the World.

Dotta Betta

It is highest hill point of Nilgiris range of Hills. Its height is recorded as 2636meters from the sea level. The counter part Hill ranges are the Snow Down Hills (2530 meters), the Club Hill(2448 meters) and the Elk Hill(2466 meters) gives the glamorous outlook to Udhagamandalam range.


It is the largest river of this districts which orginates from Mukurthi Peak and flows down in a series of Cascades Culminating in Pykara Falls.

Nilgiris Places to Visit

Mudhumalai National Park(40KM)

It is a wild life santuary and a major tourist attraction in Nilgiris. Densed forest with Worlds Dangerous Animals Sorjourn here for years together. Tourist are allow with prior permission and precaution from forest department.

Mukuruthi National Park

This is another majaor tourist spot in Nilgiris the place contains population of nilgiris thar(Hermitragus hilocrius).

Mukuruthi Peak (27KM)

The highest peak of Nilgiris , stands high of 8380 feet above the sea and a gigantic view to be seen in India.


An enhancing Picnic spot to the tourist. Glenmorgan and Singara.


A magenificent view while travelling up the hills on the way to upper Bhavani from Ooty via emerald Camp you get this amazing view of scenery on every up and down and turn you go……..

Cairn Hill

Is one of the few surviving original walks.

Coonor (17KM)

The first spot of the three Nilgiris hill stations, here you have Dolphins nose view point which is about 10km from Coonoor, during sunny days you get splendid view of the valley and surroundings from here. St.Catherin falls is one of the refreshing spot here.

Lambs Rock

Is another Pleasant location near Coonor.

Droog Pakkasuran Malai

Is another picturesque spot near by.

Kothagiri (28KM)

The oldest hamlet of the three Nilgiris hill stations a fertile land of vegetaion.

Kodanad Veiw Point

An Aerial view you get from the edge of Kotagiri Taluk. A Splundid feel of cool breeze makes as feel bliss in nature.

Gudalur (51 KM)

The entrance to Nilgiris from Kerala and Karnataka you have a water theme park named “Black Thunder” on the Ooty road, 8KM distance from Mettupalayam the place located at the Foot Hills of Nilgiris. Tourist have great fun and enjoyment in this amusement park.

Summer Festival

Every Summer, festival are celebrated in Nilgiris during the month of May . There are important shows, Music, dance, and cheer, Shows like Rose show, Flower show and Fruit exhibition are held here during these funny days.

Flower Show

Flowers are the natural beauties that are warm to this earth will be a greatest gift by nature. Nilgiris is famous for its Flower show which is organised every year. Morethan 150 varities of imported and indigenous Flowers are exhibited. Nursey Garden display competitions are held to motivate garden lovers. The first Flower show was conducted in the year 1896 is a history.

Sims Park at Coonor

Establish by Sir.J.D. Sim in the year 1874 with an area of 12hectares. It has four different zones containing a collection of morethan 100 Botanical species of plants and herbs. Fruit show at Coonor is another Mega event which exhibits morethan 50 variety of indigenous fruits that are cultivated. Rose garden and botanical garden are worth visiting spots in Coonor and Ooty.

How to Reach Nilgiris

By Air

No Airport, Nearest airport is Coimbatore (100km) connection to Chennai Bombay and Bangalore.

By Rail

Mettupalayam is the Junction that connects trains to Chennai, Coimbatore. On the Hills you have narrow gauage rail route to Ooty which proves man and his power… a worthful travel thorugh nature.

By Road

This districts has Nagapattinam – Gudalur state highways. Ooty is connected by good roads to drive in .