Namakkal Tourist Place in Tamil Nadu India

        Namakkal Districts is the head quarters which was bifurcated from salem Districts in the year 1996. It has another name “Namagiri” the name of rock which is placed centre of the town. Here Kottai(Fort) area is on the West and Pettai(Business) area on the East of the Town. This is districts is bounded by Salem district on the North, on the East Athur Taluk on the Salem District, Perambalur and Trichy District on the South, Karur District and on the West Erode district. The main water resource is out of the Cauvery river which forms boundary on the West and on the Southwest directions.

Places to Visit in Namakkal

Namakkal Dhurgam Fort

        This fort is on the summit of Namagiri. It is said that it was built during the Nayak reigns and is famous for the Sree Narasimma Murthy Temple in it. It has the ruins of a Vishnu Temple dedicated to Ethirili(Peerless) Perumal and contains an inscription of Sadaiyavaraman Sundara Pandiyan.

Namakkal Tour Information

Kolli Hills / Kolli Water Falls

       Approximately 400s.q miles of natural blessings is found profused in this kolli hills. Which is next to the Servarayan. The one and only hill that still has remnants of rain forest in the State. It has two cave temples dedicated to Anandha Sayi and Narasimma Samy to the East and to the west side of the rock. The rock also contain eight holy water springs, Kamalayam is the largest among the eight and goddess Namagiri Amman is adhorred here for religious belief.

Aiyaru River

         This beautiful river flows through Kolli Malai and falls down as Agasa Gangai and passes by Puliyanchollai the river joins with the river cauvery.

Thiruchengode Malai

        This mountain symbolses the sacredness of male and female elements. This symbolism emphases the Shiva temple on top of the mountain which is dedicated to deity Arthanari form of the Lord. The only Shiva temple in Tamilnadu in the form of halfmale and halffemale is a remarkable identity.

Kailasanathar kovil

        It is situated at the bottom of the hill.