Nagapattinam Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu India

         Located asthetically on the shows of Bay of Bangal on the East and Palk strait on the South and leaving land on the West and to the North, this districts is enthroned with plenty of historical importance. Today this districts covers and area of 2715.83 And have a long coastline of 141km and stays as the headquarters of Nagapattinam districts. This town has the history of over 2000 yrs, perhaps! And old port town will be remarkable.

Nagapattinam Tourism Information


         This is a pilgrimage centre for the Musilms from all over the Country. It has the Dhargha of saint Hazrat Meeran Sultan Syed, Shahabdul Hammed. The famous festival celeberated here is Khandoori as anniversary celeberations.

The Beach

         People are attracted by a vast clean beach to relax and read the philosophy of Seawaters. The main attraction of this pristine beach are beach Volley ball , Catamaran rides, Childrens Amusement park and recreations are the added beauty to this natural beauty spot.

Nagapattinam Tour Information


         It is one of the most visited pilgrim centre in India. The strain is dedicated to Basilica of our lady of health draws piligrims from all over the world, irrespective of creed. The church is designed as of Gothical style of architecutre which is unique of its kind. Devotees rush in here for their blessings and answers to their prayers, opposite to the church you have the Museum situated , here rich variety of sea valuables and ancient points are exhibited and also the precious costly offerings by the devotees are on display too.

Tranquebar – (Tharangambadi) (35km)

         Danish Architectural structures are the real attraction that reminds invasions and revoultions that to place here in Tamilnadu. Tranquebar was the first place to introduce Tamil Printing Press by missionary Seagan paul.

Danish Fort

          This was built in the year 1620. which reveals great work of danish architecture and exterior desings. It now occupies with an archological museum.

Zions Church

         It was built in 1701. It was renovated in 1782 to 1784.

Town Gateway

         It was built in 1792 on Danish architectural style.

Masilamaninathar Temple

         This is an oldest Temple built in 1305AD by Maravarma Kulasekara, Panidiyan exhibits outstanding architectural details.

Danish Governer Bangalow

         It own Name as , it was once the residency of Danish Governor in the year 1784.

Kodaikarai (55KM)

         In other words we call it as point Calimere. It is situated abutting the parks strait, the spot is arrounded with wild life sanctuary. The natural beauty and variety of flowers like flora and fauna and some more kinds of Corals are also found here.


         Here you have the temple dedicated to Lord Singaravelan. Besides, this temple is a shrine of Shiva, Vishnu and Hanuman which is a rare combination.


         This is one of the Eight temples, (Ashta veeratta thalam) that glorifies Lord Shiva. It is one of the famous Shakthi Thalams as well.

How to get there in Nagapattinam

By Air

        Nearest is Trichy (147KM) .

By Rail

        Rail route connected to all the major places in India.

By Road

        The places connected to all major towns and cities.