About Erode District Tourist Places List

         In the year 1979 Erode district was bifurcated from coimbatore and stood separate. Erode district today is surrounded by Namakkal, karur, Dindigul, Coimbatore and Nilgiris. The neighbour state is Karnataka. This district has three major rivers the flows into it, they are the Bhavani, the Noyyal and the Amaravathy which fluorishes the district to grow in all the aspects. It is famous for weaving industry with a humid climatic conditions of scanty rainfall and a dry climate. Erodu is the district headquarters. It is about 400km from Chennai.

It is important for its power loom textile industries and cultivation of turmeric in agriculture is very famous. Tamil Nadu had cultivation of turmeric’s in Erode and other parts of the city. Adjoining district like Mysore in Karnataka state also cultivating Turmeric. Kangeyam Bulls and Uthukuli butter are also famous in Tamil Nadu. Products such as towels, bed sheets and lunges are exported to foreign countries.  It is one of the largest coconut producers in South India.

About Erode District

Erode District Mayor : Thiru. S.Nagarathinam

Erode city is administrated by the Erodu Municipal corporation.  It also serves as the headquarters of the district with the same name.  The city has one Member of Parliament representing the Gobi constituency.  The city is headed by the mayor under whom are the deputy mayor and several councilors are elected by people.  They represent administrative wards as well as a corporation commissioners of the rank of IAS to administer the city.  The district court is the highest court of appeal in Erodu. This city has seen a moderate to high development in spite of funds constraint. The city’s police force is headed by superintendent of police, which will be soon replaced by the city police commissioner in the grade of Inspector General of police. In the Sangam Periods Erodu was the part of Kongu Nadu.

Places to Visit in Erode Tamilnadu India

The pilgrimage centers Bannari Amman Temple at Bannari and Sangameswarar temple at the confluence of rivers Bhavani and Cauvery located at Bhavani have spiritual importance in this district. Bhavanisagar dam attracts tourists and Lower Bhavani project plays major role in the irrigation sector.

Government Museum

          This Museum was opened to the public in the year 1987. It has various exhibits such as kongu chola, hero stones from Bargur, Tanjore paintings, manuscripts, coins, geological objects, Kodumanal antiques and other prehistoric items of historic remembrance. The museum is well known for its collection of olden day’s palm-leaf manuscriupts and coins and also it has great significance to botanical and zoological specimens.

Peiyar Memorial house

   Periyar was born 17th September 1879.  He died 24th December 1973. This is a memorial and a tributing spot of E.V. Ramasamy peiyar, who could be called as the south Indian ‘Soccuretes’. The may who made people think wise on rituality and superstitious beliefs this attempts to the society made him conquer the government patterns rule to the state that still exist on excellence even today.

He was social reformer.  Mr. E.V.Ramaswamy called ‘Thanthai Periyar’.  Periyar Memorial is 528.1 Sq.mts and it was opened at 17.08.1975.  His statue life history and photography are displayed here.

Kodiveri Dam

Kodiveri Dam is about 10km from Gobichettipalayam. It is about 55km Erod District. The entrance to this anicut at Kodiveri is a study in stunning contrast.  The water flows on one side of the bridge, without much as a ripple. It gushes with a bottled fury on the other side. By a little walk we can reach a vast expanse of water and see its force itself through a layered surface hewn out of a rock face, taking on the shape of two frothy mini waterfalls. Waiting bathers shout with joy under the spray.

Erode Temples List

Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple

 Bhavani Sangameshwarar Temple is about 12km from the Town. The Sangameshwarar temple at Bhavani is situated in the confluence of the Rivers Bhavani and Cauvery.  This place is called ‘Tiruveni of South India’. It is an important pilgrim centre. This temple is famous because of three rivers, namely Cauvery Bhavani and invisible Amudha which merges together at this pilgrimage place is a fact and belief of the people of this state.

Lord Sangameshwarer with his consort Vedanayaki is the presiding deity.  The East India company regime the collector of Coimbatore and Salem Districts. William Garrow had his headquarters at Bhavani.  They worshipped Goddess Vedanayaki. One night the Goddess directed him in dream to vacate the Bungalow immediately.  The moment he moved out, the entire bungalow was collapsed. He wondered at this miracle and he presented an ivory cradle to this temple. It is still in this temple with his signature.

Hill Temple of Lord Murugan

         Sivan malai (50 km) chennimalai (30 km) Thrindalmalai ( 5 km) and Vattamalai ( 5 km) are all temples of lord murugan who is been worshipped by the people of the state of Tamil Nadu.

Chinnimalai Murugan Temple

The world famous temple of Lord Muruga is here. The poet Arunagirinathar was blessed with Padikasu the wealth of coins. Chinnimalai is situated between Erode and Coimbatore. This hill temple is about 7 1/2 kilometers south of Ingoor Railway station. This temple is located in the city of Chennimalai of Perundurai, Erode District Chennimalai is 30 kilometers from Erodu and three kilometers from Perunthurai.  It can be reached by road from Erodu. Chennimalai is a business centre. The Devasthanam has provided special buses to reach the hilltop. The nearest airport is Coimbatore.

Anthiyur Gurunatha Swami Temple

Kamatchi and Perumal as the Lord of Vainava and Sivan Murugan jointly from in the name of Gurunathaswamy.  The Lord of Saiva Appears to the people from the stone house of Puthupalayam next to Anthiyur.

The Bannari Amman temple

The Bannari Amman Temple is about 75km from Erode District.  This is a famous temple in Tamil Nadu, situated at the bottom of the western ghats of the way to Mysore, prevails attention to the tourist to step down on divinity. Bannari Amman Temple is about 10km from Bhavanisagar. This is a very famous temple it attracts thousands of pilgrims.

The Bhavanisagar Dam is built across the river Bhavani which is about 16km from sathyamangalam.

Sri Kondathu Kaliamman Temple

Sri Kondathu Kaliamman Temple is about 3km from Gobichettipalayam. It is about 39km from Erode City and 93km from Coimbatore. This temple is situated amidst a serene back drop replete with green fields and topographed near the Western Ghats. This was the place where the king of Parivallal lived this historical place has been known as parapuri and later came to be known as Pariyur. The most important temple Kondathu Kaliamman temple is in the mount. Here, the Goddess Kaliamman gives her blessings to her devotees. The people were affected by an evil disease.  They had many casualties and remaining people moved to other areas.

Kudamulukku year festival

In the month of April-May (Chitirai Tamil Months) when the day the star ‘Punarpoosam’ falls the devotees worship the Goddess with Abishegam and special Laksharchana is performed and the day ends with a 1008 Sangu Abishegam and special Laksharchana is performed and the day ends with a 1008 Sangu Abhishegam.

Kundam and car festival

Every Tamil year in the last week of Margali, Kundam and car festival are celebrated on the second Thursday of this month special pooja is performed at 9.00pm.  After the pooja, Poochattu” is carried out.  Goddess is decked with santhanakappu on the 12th day Kundam festival takes place in the early morning on the 15th day.  At that time devotees walk on the burning coal which is known as ‘Poomidhithal’ it is an electrifying experience for the lookers.  Children and handicapped people walk on the burning coal having implied faith on the Goddess.  This speaks volumes of the benediction of the Goddess and the devotees realize her immense power.


Sangameshwarar temple, Bhavani is about 12km from the city. Three rivers by name Cauvery, Bhavani and invisible Amudha are merging in the place.  This is treated as the place of purity in parity with river Ganges.  It resembles of Thiriveni Sangamam at Allahabad in North India.

Vellode(15 km)

       You have a bird sanctuary here.


 Kodumudi is about 40km from Erode District. The special feature of this place is it has a shrine for Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma are located in one temple complex.  This is very famous for the Hindu believing people, because there avatars of the lord is at one place that really expresses divinity and spirituality to the people. Brahma – the creator, Vishnu- the protector and Siva – the destroyer of evil all at one roof temple prevails the spot. Shiva is known as Muchu Kundeswarar and Vishnu as Veera Narayana Perumal. This is one of the important temples in Erode Tamil Nadu.

Bhavanisagar Dam

Bhavanisagar Dam is about 16km from sathyamangalam. It was built across the river Bhavani. This dam was built only with sand.

Pavalamalai and Pachamalai

Pavalamalai and Pachamalai are small hill temples for Lord Murugan. Pavalamalai is about 3km from Gobi city and it is famous for Murugan’s festival “Soora Samharam".  We can get the beer view of the agricultural lands from the hill top. It is a famous spot for Tamil movies and so is Pachamalai another hill top for Lord Murugan is about 2km from Pavalamalai.

Erode District General Information

Area: 5722 sq. km

Population (2011) : 22,51,744

STD Code: 0424

Erode to Chennai : 409 km