Top 10 Best Places to visit in Dindigul Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu India

        During the year 1985 Dindigul was announced as a separate district from Madurai. This district is now bordered with various nearby districts such as Erode, Coimbatore, Karur, Trichy in the north and in the east it has Sivagangai and Pudukottai District. In the south it has Madurai and it has Theni and neighboring state kerala in the west.The spread area of Dindigul is about 6266 and it is the headquarters. The importance of the city is onion and groundnut whole sale market which supplies throughout Coimbatore, Erode, Trichy, Kerala Madurai and Sivagangai districts by road.

Places to Visit in Dindigul

Dindigul fort

         This fort was built during the period of the great Mughal emperor Tippu Sultan. The fort stands on the hill that resembles as a pillow (dhindu) Therefore the name evoked as Dindigul to the place, late after the mysore war it came to the British rule as per the history.

Begampur Big Mosque

         This spot is of an event evoked to the city. During Hyder Ali reign he constructed there mosques in this place. His younger sister was buried in one and in her memory this place came to be renowned as begampur and the mosque was also named after her demice.

Sri Kottai Mariamman Temple

         This is an ancient temple built over a period of more than 200 years. This is now named as Kottai (Fort) Mariamman temple which is situated in the fort. Vetri Vinayaka at the south and Lord Murugan at the north is worshipped here.

Abirami Amman Temple

         This temple is located at the centre of the city and it is dedicated to worship Abirami Amman one of the goddess of Hindusim.

St. Joesph’s Church

         This is a Roman catholic church constructed during the reign of Britisher’s in the years 1866 to 1872. Now it still stands over 100 years of service to the Christians of the place.

Dindigul Tour Information

         You have Thirumalaikeni (35 km) and the Thethupathi (20km) both these places are important spots of temples and family shrines of the local people.

Kodaikannal Information

         This is a spot of prime in south India. Located at an attitude of 2133 meters in the western ghats known as the ‘princess of hill stations’. An amazing flower named ‘Kurinji’ which blossoms once in 12 years is a notable nature’s law. The next blooming will be in the year 2018. Kodaikannal is a great hill resort which attracts International tourist and localites with its charm in climate, vegetables, fruits and with pleasant enchanting environment, stopping by the woods on a snowy evening gives a class to live this life at Kodaikannal. It is an ideal hill resort to step in. Kodaikannal is proud to have observatory with the state- of- the- art infrastructure in India for the study of metrology, solar physics and allied subjects.


          This is another deity privileged spot near Dindigul. Lord Murugan is worshipped here as Dhandayauthapani in this temple. Rope cars and winches are the provisions to visit this temple over the top of the hill. Sages devotees creates a rush hour throughout the day by tonsuring their heads in order to exhibit their prayers,’panchaamirtam’is famous from this temple.

Chinnalapatti (11 km)

          A great place for artistic silk and sungudi sarees manufacture. Nearby you have Sirumalai a hill resort famous for Bananas and peranai and some of the other beautiful picnic spots.

ThadiKombu (5 km)

        This temple is dedicated to Lord Alagar. Parapalar Dam, Palar porundalar, Maruthanathi Dam and Varathamanathi Dam are well worth a visit.

Nadupathi (35 km)

         Here Anjaneyar temple is built by the side of the river, therefore the state of Anjaneya is always wet and found to be in the water which has a special feature in the epic of Hinduism. Nilakottai, is famous for brass vessels, jewellery, flowers and fruits. These are the added advantages to Dindigul for its growth process.