Places to Visit in Dharmapuri Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu

  Dharmapuri is a headquarters for itself.  It is called as Thakadoor in Sangam era.  In 1965 it has become a separate district.

It is situated in the north western corner of the state of Tamilnadu. This district is bordered by vellore, Tiruvanannamalai and Villupuram district on the east. On to the south it has Salem district Andhapradhesh on the north and Karnataka on the west. The geographical area in about 9622

It forms a major horticultural belt in the state.  Due to the drought area the cultivation has changed to perennial fruit crops. All types of fruits and vegetables are cultivated here. The main horticulture crop of this place is Mango. The district accounts for nearly one half of the mango yield in the state. 80% of the products are of Thottapuri variety are commonly referred to as kilmukku.  It has the highest area under the fruit crops.

The famous Hogenakkal water falls is in Dharmapuri District. It is rich in Mango farming, the district boasts one of the best quality black marble stones reserves in the world High quality block granite is available in Pennagaram.  Harur and Pethathampatti of Pappireddipatti Taluk.  Malibdinum a good conductor is available here.  It is a high value mineral present in Harur.

About Dharmapuri District

Darmapuri District is located on the Karnataka Border. It is in the North-Western Tamil Nadu. During the British rule in the country even till the year 1947 there was no separate district. It was one of the Taluks of Salem district.

Darmapuri city also offers many attractions for the tourist. The district Headquarters town is famous for its Mallikarjunaswamy Temple built in 8th century AD. This Pallava style temple has many beautiful sculptures and epigraphs. The Ariyanathaswami temple here was once a Jain Habitat.

Dynasties such as Hoysalas, Pandyas, Vijayanagarkings, Muslim Sultans of Bijapur and Golkonda and Nayak rulers are also ruled the area of Dhermapuri. 

Dhermapuri is an inland district the fishing is restricted to inland only.  Major varieties of fish available are Katla, Rogu, Mirgal and common carp. We can get the feel of river funning nearby (ie) Hogenakkal waterfall.  This area has a plenty of vegetation and little habitation.  The road has gone down and down into the valley indicating the probability of finding a river. 15 minutes of quite drive into the forest area leads a wonderful place Hogenakkal.  With the help of boat men and coracle we can visit this place.  Another waterfall is also here.  There is no wide open space. The river here is only a little wider than the Mekedatu but much mellow flows through the narrow channel surrounded by rocks on both sides.  It is carved into strange shapes by the river. The channel looks lovely and the rocks look as if they were carved by an artist. This will be deep about 100 feet diving skills are another important attraction here. They can dive it from a height of about 30 feet. Trippers spent their time in a little downstream to the river. Massages are also available here.

Places to Visit in Dharmapuri Tamil Nadu India

Hogenakal Falls ( 45 km)

 Hogenakkal is one of the wonderful waterfalls in Tamil Nadu. It is located in the distance of 49km west of Darmapuri. It is a part of river Cauvery and it is about 250meters above sea level.  This is a wonderful spot for the tourist to relax and enjoy nature as it is. Here the river cauvery enters into Tamilnadu as a natural falls. The name hogenakal means smoky rocks’ in the kannada language. As the water falls on the rocks thudding and explores, it gives an experience of smoke provokes from it. Tourist are allowed to move around an country made dinghies(parisal) which is an experience event the spot. Bathing, massaging are the mind releasing factors offered by the localites. The main attraction of this falls is its vertical drop from a height of 20meters with a thundering sound. Hogenakkal is around 150km from Bangalore.  We can take Hosur road and drive through Hosur and Krishnagiri, turn left after Krishnagiri and reach Darmapuri. Drive into Dhermapuri and ask for directions to the fall.  Another 30km takes us to Hogenakkal Roads are very pretty and good till Dharmapuri Tamil Naud. After that we have to slow down a little bit. It takes 2 ½ hour journey.

Adiyaman kottai

Adiyamankottai is situated on the Salem-Darmapuri road at a distance of 7km from Darmapuri. This was also called 'Thagadur' capital of King Athiyaman, who was one of the seven famous philanthropists. The ruins of the roughly oval shaped fort is still there. He was a great admirer of the Tamil Poetess 'Avvaiyar'.  The Chenraya Perumal temple is the biggest of the lot which is held as a protected monument and which is believed to have been constructed both by the king Krishna Deva Raya and Hoysala kings. There is a mandapam which leads to the sanctum sanctorum. Ancient paintings depicting scenes from the epics Ramayanam and Mahabaratham are found in the mandapam of Arulmighu Chennaraya Perumal Temple.


Papparapatty is about 7km from Dhermapuri.  Freedom fighter subramaniya Siva lived and died. A Samadhi is built here in his memory.


This place is situated on the banks of river Pennaiyar. It is about 10km from Uthangarai and it is traditionally associated with Tirtamalai once Hanuman was instructed by Lord Rama to get the water from the Ganges for his penance at Tirtamali.  He could not do it in time. So Rama was said to have done Asthraprayogam and got it.

Subramaniya Siva Memorial

A monument was built in memory of the great patriot Subramaniya Siva and his Samadhi is lying near Papparapatti, Pennagaram Taluk. Shri Theerthagirishwarar temple is located at the top of the hillock. 


Theerthamalai is an important sacred place in Harur taluk of Dharmapuri district.  Chola and Vijayanagar kings donated liberally to this temple.

How to reach Dharmapuri

By Air

        Nearest Airports – Bangalore, Salem and Chennai

By Rail

        It connects by rail to Chennai and other parts of the state

By Road

       It is connected to all the district of the state and even
neighboring states.