About Cuddalore Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu India

Cuddalore district is one of the important tourist places in Tamil Nadu.  It has   historical monument, edifices, sacred and ancient Temples.  The famous ancient temple is renowned for its sculptures of dances in various Natyaposes.  This district was put together in the year 1993, but, previously, this is an ancient region, being mentioned in folklore and historical inscriptions. The geographical map is along the east coast, bordered by Viluppuram, Perambalur and Nagapattianam districts. Cudalore is the district head quarters and it is the administrative and trade centre of these district.

About Cuddalore City

Cuddalore has a large number of industries with a great deal of city’s population. There are two large divisions in the town of Cuddalore; the old town and the new town. The Gedilan River flows through the town and it separates the old town from Thirupandirippuliyru.  The old town had a seaport since ancient times Cudalore was traded with the Roman Empire approximately 2000 years ago. The first town is Southern India which came under direct European control was Cudalore.

The Dutch were the first to conquer it.  They are followed by Portugal, France and Later Britain.  The British built fort St. David in Cudalore near Devanampattinam. An important British trading port was once a scene of commercial activity.  The Fort St. David at Cudalore was the southernmost stronghold of the British during the Anglo-French wars. The Mouth of the Ponnaiyar River was once the scene of considerable commercial activity, but now not in use. The most important landmark in Cudalore is Fort St. David, from where Robert Clive first won his spurs during the campaign against the French.  Today, the Fort houses the offices of parry and company. The district of Cudalore lies on the east coast of Bay of Bengal.

The Neyveli Lignite Corporation, a public sector company operating out of Neyveli is located near Cuddalore of the thermal electricity generated in Tamil Nadu, a large percentage more than 3390  Megawatts comes from the power plants in Neyveli.

Cudalore has very well respected Schools.  The most popular among them being St. Josephs Higher secondary School, Manjakkupam. Which is one of the oldest schools with all facilities St. Mary’s and St. David Schools are also other good schools.  These Schools were founded by Europeans in the 7th century and oldest surviving schools in India.

Mayor: R. Sundari
Corporation Commissioner: Viswanathan 

Cudalore Taluk List

Cudalore district has 10 taluks. They are Chidambaram, Virudhachalam, Cuddalore, Panruti, Kurinjipadi, Kattumannarkoil, Tittakudi, Veppur, Srimushnam, Bhuvanagiri,.

Places to Visit in Cuddalore Tamilnadu India

Cudddalore tourist places like Vadalur Sathyagnana Sabai, Pichavaram, Chidambaram, Neyveli and Pondicherry are nearest places to visit in Cuddalore.


 Pitchavaram is about 56km from Codalore and 16km from Chidambaram. A unique natural Phenomenon in the form of Mangrove forests which contains 11.000 hectares of backwaters. This is a fine tourist spot in the region of Cudalore. Pichavaram back waters system offers a wide scope for water sporting like, rowing, kayak and canoeing. This area has a rare plant species and a great locale for bird sanctuary too. A large number of tourist visits this place.  The numerous channels and creeks are ideal for boating. We can see varieties of fin and shell fish in these waters. Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation provides houses cottages, youth hostel restaurants and boating facilities.


 Neyveli is about 40km from Cudalore. It is one of the biggest industrial complexes in the country. Neyveli Lignite Corporation (BLC) Ltd is entrusted with the headquarters at Neyveli in Tamil Nadu. It is engaged in exploration of lignite deposit in Tamil Nadu.

The only major location that produces electric energy and especially Neyveli is known for the world class 1st quality coals. Coalmines and Neyveli Lignite Corporation are the factors of the town.

Cuddalore Fort

 Cudalore fort is located at the confluence of the rivers gadilam and paravanar. Huge cargo ships and passenger curise anchor in the midstream of about a mile from the shore. This is another important lighthouse to the paths of imports & exports to the state of Tamilnadu.


Nellikuppam is one of the most important business centres in Cuddalore district. It is famous for sugarcane growers and sugar factory.

Port Novo

It is about 10km from Cudalore Porto Novo is also called as Parangipettai in Chidambaram. It is situated in the North bank of the mouth of velar. The Portuguese were the first European settlers of the place from whom passed into the possession of the Dutch. Large Muslim population is engaged in this town for sea trade. Tombs of several Muslim saints are situated in this place, most important among them being the dargah to saint Maluniyar.

Temples in Cuddalore Tamil Nadu

Chidambaram Lord Nataraja Temple

This town is famous for its Nataraja Temple which was built during the eleventh century is the world’s history. This temple is so unique where lord Siva is exposed through an idol rather than the customary lingam. This is a saivite temple of the south. Chidambaram Lord Nataraja Temple temple is about 47km from Cuddalore Tamil Nadu. It is the most celebrated Temple in South India.

Lord Nataraja is the family deity of Vikarama Chola and his successors.  He spent the bulk of his revenue for the construction of the walls.  In addition to the structure of the temple and made sumptuous gifts in gold to the structure.  Chidambaram rose in popularity due to its proximity to Gangaikonda Cholapuram.  It has made as the capital of the imperial Chola by Rejendra Chola.

Natijanjali Festival

A great festive eve is Maha sivaratri day. On this occasion the Nataganjali dance festival at Chidambaram brings all the prominent dancers of India together in order to performance dance and worship the lord siva.

Thirupathiripuliyur Lord Pataleeswarar

Thirupathiripuliyur in Cuddalore district is one of the sacred saivite shrines in Tamil Nadu. This place has on old Shiva temple dedicated to Lord Pateleeswarar which is referred to in the Thevarams. This sacred place indicated the Sthala Viruksha Pathiri tree and the later pulliyur indicates the tiger legged saint who made penance in this place.  The famous Nayanmars Thirunavukkarasar and Thirugnana Sambandhar visits this place.  The history, the sculpture, the pattern defines that this temple could be traced to the periods of cholas & pallvas. It is one of the ancient saivite shrine of the state.  It is about 100 metres from Thirupathiripuliyur Railway station. It is in the centre of the town. Padari Amman Temple is situated along with this temple. The Brahmodutsavam festival in this temple is the largest attended by people from all over the district.

Thiru Vandipuram

   Lord Venkatachalapathy temple is situated at Thiruvandipuram. This is famous for its 108 vaishnaivte shines. It is a few km away from Cudalore Tamilnadu. This temple is also well known to be similar to Thirupathi Venkatachalapathy. Saturdays are special days for Dharshan and peoples come from different places to worship here.


This is a famous temple and it is among 108 Divya Desams. It is a calm village of the historical coastal tour in the group of Nadu Natta Tirupati. The main deity of this sthala is Lord Devanatha. Who is flanked by the inspiring Oushadagiri, a herbal drop on the lap of time from the hands of speeding Anjaneya to the battle field of Lanka and serpentine holy river Garuda Nadhi.


Shri Mushnam is about 60km from Cudalore. This was built by the Nayaks who ruled those days! Beautiful representation of carved royal portraits on the pillars of the hall exhibits their craze on artistic divine living. Moreover, this is one of the important vaishnavite shrine in the city. The Sri Bhuvaraha Swami Temple here is one of the eight self-created Swayam Vyaktakshetras in the South.  The Purushaskuta Mandapam here is shaped like a ratham on which there are carvings of warriors mounted on houses and elephants.

Annamalai University

        This residential university is one of the world famous educational campus. The founder Mr. Raja Annamalai chettiar have started this great centre for tamil learning and carnatic music. Today, this university excels in all the other subjects too, which enables a certificate value throughout the world.


Mannargudi is a talulk. It is called as Kattu Mannargudi to derive it from Raja Mannargudi in Thanjavur district. This village was famous for giving birth to famous vaishnavite saints, Nadamunigal and Alavandar. The local Vaishnavite temple is famous for its sanctity.

Thillai Kali Temple

This temple is in the northern corner of the town. It was built by Kopperunjingam. He ruled this place between 1229 AD and 1278AD.


Thiruvakkarai is about 50km from Cudalore. Around this village, we can see a large number of petrified tree trunks. It is also called as fossil wood. There is also an ancient temple dedicated to the Chola period.


Sri Ramalinga Adigalar (Vallar, Arutperum Jothi) was born in Vadalur on 5-10-1823.  He was the 5th son of Sri Ramaiya Pillai and Sinnammaiyar from 1870. Vallalar lived in Siththi Valagam at Metukuppam on 30-1-1974 he became ‘Arutperum Jothi”. A unique prayer hall was built by allalar in this place in 1872.

How to get there in Cuddalore

By Air

       Nearest airport – Neyveli, Thanjavur and Chennai

By Rail

        Nearest station – Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Vilupuram and Chennai

By Road

       It is connected to all direction in the state of TamilNadu and Pondicherry.