Top 10 Tourist Places in Chennai Tamil Nadu

 Chennai is known as the gate way of south India. Chennai previously known as Madras is a busy capital city of Tamilnadu and stands the fourth largest metropolis in India.

Chenai city is distinctly different from northern India culture. The mother language is Tamil and the people are blended with typical south Indian culture. Today, this city is twined with both Traditional of Modern cultures that give a rapid growth to the state. This city is has the wild life sanctuary right is the centre and also surrounded with natural beauty and with architectural moments portraits the historical proof to the visitors.

During the year 1639 Chennai evoked out from small hamlet named channappatnam while the English merchants of East Indian Company conquered the place for the settlement. Today, an awesome city to live in with nature like, clear skyline, a long sandy beaches, historic landmarks and a lot of infrastructures to the tourists with blissful places for them to relax and ease, comfort. In short, the best place to begin a tour in Tamilnadu and visit the entire south India …. Hail Chennai!

About Chennai City

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu.  It is one of the metropolitan cities.  It is gateway of South India.  Chennai reflects the Dravidian culture in monumental works, music, dance, drama and sculptural works. 

Chenai is a well developed city with lot of technologies like automobile, computer, Hardware manufacturing, technology and industries.  It is the second largest exporter in software and information technologies.  Chenai is one of the most developing cities in the industry of manufacturing automobiles.  It contributes 39% of GDP in and around the states.  Chennei is called as ‘The Detroit of Asia’ because of accounting 30% in automotive exports and 40% in auto components in the country.

Chenai is about 200 sq. km. with the Bay of Bengal in the East.  It is the fourth largest city in India. The population of Chenai is about 46,81,087.  It is an important centre for Carnatic music and Bharata Natyam, a classical dance. A lot of cultural events were performed by a large number of artists in the annual Music Season.  The Tamil film industry is the second largest film industry in India.  It is called as kolliwood.

The former name of Chennai is Madras which is derived from Madraspattinam.  It is a fishing village in the north of Fort St. George.  Chennapattanam is shortened from the name Chennai. It is named by the Nayak called Damarla Chennappa Nayakudu who acquired the town in 1639 from the English.  The word chenni in Tamil means “face” and the temple was regarded as the face of the city (Chenna Kesava Perumal Temple).  The name Madras was renamed as Chennai by the State Government in 1996.

Chennai Tourism

Fort St.George

This venue is that records the historic proof of Chenai as the oldest … Fort St.George was built in the year 1640 AD situated in a island named river coovam. Amidst the campus you find St. Mary’s church and the fort Museum and to the south of the campus you find the memorial. The flag staff at the fort st.Georges records that still it is the tallest flag staff is India and nowhere else in the country. Visitors to this place will surely remember the past historic dates.

The High Court

Chennei is relay proud enough to own the second largest judicial complex in the world. In the year 1892 the court of Chennai started to serve to society at large. Even today the building structure does make us remember the Indo/Saracen architectural value that adds credits to the city. Adjacent to it people find comfort on street shopping named parrys corner, a busy landmark in Chennai.

Santhome Cathedral Basilica

This is a cathedral church built in the remembrance and a historic proof of st.Thomas one of the disciple of Jesus Christ. During 52 AD st.Thomas stopped in Chennai to preach the good news of Christ and later been murdered at Thomas amount and been buried in this place. During 1896 this church has been rebuilt on the memory of st.Thomas as a martyr and now made as basilica.

Theosophical Society

In Chennai, Adyar is the posh locality, where you find western culture blended in tamil traditions. Amidst, here, Theosophical society is formed to encourage and enlighten the study of religion, philosophy and science. The campus is jungle with lots of trees and herbs which give importance that nature the best teacher and learning through woods will teach more than the classroom. The campus holds a mark of an oldest Banyan tree in the centre of the premises. A worth place to visit for those, who are eco friendly.


This is the second largest beach in the world which has a wide spread of sandy shore to sit and relax with the rhythm of the waves and the breeze. Other sitting places are Anna memorial, MGR memorial the former chief minister of the state who was very popular in the state. An aquarium and a swimming pool are also located in here for kids to get throbbed.  This beach attracts thousands of visitors every day. University of Madras, Senate House, Chepauk  Palace, Presidency College and Ice House are some of the most beautiful buildings in Chennai.

Kapalaeswara Temple

Kapaleeswarar temple is situated in Mylapore.  It is one of the biggest temples in Chenai. This ancient temple was dedicated to Lord Siva.  This temple tower is about 121 feet high.  This temple is so unique that carrys the dravidian culture and style on the architect. This is the 8th century pallava temple that reminds the kingship those days. A scenario of serenity and tradition is found here.  According to mythology Goddess Parvathi disguised herself as a peacock and worshipped Lord Siva to obtain deliverance.  This Legend is portrayed in a sculpture of carvings inside the temple. 

Sri Parathasarathy Temple

Lord Krishna is worshipped here by the people. It is located amidst Triplicane which is just a few kilometer from the beach.

Elliot’s beach

         Nowadays, it is well known as beasant nagar beach. It is famous for velankannai church and Ashtalakshmi temple. The velankannai church attracts pilgrims of all faiths. The ashtalakshmi temple built of granite is dedicated to goddess lakshmi in all her eight forms as per Hindu therum.


Kalakshetra foundation is situated in Thiruvanmiyur.  It is near the Elliot Beach, the word kalakshetra means ‘Temple of Art’.  It was founded by Rukmani Devi Arundale in 1936.  The purpose of this foundation was to train, encourage and revive interest in Bharathanatiyam, the classical form of Tamil Nadu.  Which contains Bhavam, Thalam, Varnam and Naiyam, This is a dance of divinity disciplinary which requires great stamina to perform.A wonderful’ place for those, who love dance and divine.

Brila Planetarium

The brila planetarium is located in kotturpuram on the way to Adyar. This planetarium is modern with latest methods to inculcate space education to the children. Near to it you have periyar science and technology Museum, Gandhiji, Rajaji and Kamaraj Memorials great freedom fighters from south India and further you have Deer park and Children park and Snake park that amuses a visitor with continuous visits.

Valluvar Kottam

Valluvar Kottam is a memorial to the immortal Tamil Saint philosopher Thiruvalluvar.  It is shaped like a temple chariot and it reflects the chariot of Thiruvarur temple.  The tall of this chariot is about 39 meters tall.  The corridors of the chariot have been depicted in the front hall by his famous 133 chapters of Thirukkural. It contains a life size statue of the saint and all 1330 couplets of scared verses from Thirukkural is inscribed on the granite stones of the walls in valluvarkottam. The auditorium at Valluvar Kottam is the largest in Asia; by accommodating 4000 people.  Paintings and depicting themes of Thirukkural are the latest additions of this complex.

Guindy National Park

This national park is situated near Raj Bhavan and covers an area of 270 hectares.  It is a reserve of having a collection of wildlife animals and birds like Black Buck, Spotted Deer, Cheetah, Civet Cats, Jackals, Mongoose and Monkeys.  Tuesday will be a holiday for this park.

Anna Zoological Park (vandalur)

Safari parks, an animal house, an Aquarium and Natural Museum, are the attractive place to be visited here.

The Government Museum

This is a huge campus located in the centre of the busy city Chennai; it is very close to Egmore railway station. The campus consists of national Art gallery, gallery of contemporary arts and children’s museum and also you have a general library. The atmosphere is so pious and calm to be spent splendid.

The Main Building has a collection of an archaeological section.  This section exhibits specimens during the period of South Indians.  Geology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Botany, Zoology, Numismatics, Sculpture and Armoury are some of the sections in this museum.  It is open from 9am to 5pm and it is closed on Fridays and National holidays.    

Around the Chennai City ….


Mahabalipuram is about 45km from Chennai.  It offers a unique combination of a superb group of monuments and a fine beach resort.  This seaport was built by Mahendra varman of the Pallava Dynasty during the 7th century.  The monuments are hewn out of solid rocks.  The important of these architectural relics are the shore temple, Arjuna’s penance, the five rathas and the Mahishasura Mardhini cave.

VGP Golden Beach Report

This entertainment resort is in the outskirts of Chenai, a real enchanting spot for the chennaites and the tourists. This resort cater to children and adults with various entertainments, like, park, beach, dance, bites etc., some more theme parks are around here and MGR film city is near to the spot where you find a lot of tamil film celebrities plying around which adds real fun and craze amidst the visitors here. VGP Golden Beach is an extremely popular resort for the locals and tourists.  It is about one hour’s drive.  This is a clean beach; the Art’s center sells sea shell craft.  It is an entertaining place, an arcade for kids and folk dance performances.  Muttukadu is one of the picnic spot which is about 36 km.  It is a centre for water sports and there is a wind surfing competition during the month of February.  Training programmes will be there for the learners.

Thirukkalikundram (Pakshiteertham)

Pakshiteertham Shiva Temple is about 14km from the top of the hill.  Two eagles are believed to come at 12 noon daily to eat the food ceremoniously offered by the temple priest.


Vedanthangal is about 60km from Mamallapuram.  It is a Bird Sanctuary and it is a home for thousands of water birds.  The season of this sanctuary is from November to February.

Crocodile Farm

Crocodile farm is about 15km from Mahabalipuram we can see all sizes of crocodile in this farm.


A temple of Lord Muruga is located here.  It is about 16km from Mamallapuram.

How to reach Chennai

How to reach Chennai By Air

 Kamaraj National and Anna International Airports are situated at Meenambakkam about 20 kms. from the city. It can also be reached by suburban train. Alight at Triusulam to walkin to the airport.

How to reach Chennai By Railway

Southern Railway is known for the best service and secure journey. Chennai is connected with all major rail routes in India. The two stations namely Central & Egmore links rail route to north, east, west and south of the country.

How to reach Chennai By Road

Chennai has a good network connectivity of roads to all the important places in the state and to the nearing states too, and other parts of the country. Today! The Tamilnadu government is rapidly working on the four way track road system to the international standards high way is an extraordinary project that proclaim the state a status. The concept is from kanyakumari to any part of the country by road is now made simple and smooth. People on own vehicle could just glide and no need to ride in the city.