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Tamil Nadu Information

The old name of Tamil Nadu is Madras State or Madrasapattinam. The name of Madras state was changed into Tamil Nadu in 1969.Tamilnadu, the piece of peace land, that lies down south of the largest peninsular in the Asian continental named India. It is the most prominent state of the country surrounded by three major ocean of the world, namely Arabian ocean, Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. The trinity junction of water symbolizes the trinity coloured national flag of the country and its trinity unity religion of the people in Tamilnadu. Such as Hinduism, Islamism and Christianize, which provoke serenity, culture, and faith and love amidst the people of Tamilnadu.

The historical background of the state exposes the rule of great kings the Cholan, the Pandiyan, the Cheran and later stepped into staunch Dravidian culture, which does exist even today. Those days, great workmanship of tamilians is today’s monuments of this state is a well-known fact to the worldwide.

The awesome Temple Towers of the state namely, Mahabalipuram, Srirangam, Meenakshi Temple and Tanjore Big Temple are some of the greatest exterior structures, which would first make us, say wow! Added to it the artistic ancient paintings, sculptures, statues, ideas, concepts etc., would provide an exuberant fiesta to the tourist naked eyes….!

Today! Tamilnadu has developed into all the extremes of commercialized businesses like Imports, Exports, IT, Textile, Leather, Film and so forth. A tourist from any part of the world could peacefully travel around the state with great fun, entertainment, spirituality, music, dance and spicy food that tap the tongue with great taste… yes! The taste of Tamilnadu. Moreover, safety, security, politeness and guidance are assured by the state to the tourist to make them feel easy at home…!


Tamilnadu consist of four seasons (summer winter, spring, autumn). This change periodically on every quarter of a year. The state has a fertile landscape filled with rivers, nature and climate, which enhances agriculture as major occupation to the state. Tamilnadu has two major hill stations filled with heavenly blessings of nature. Such as Ooty and Kodaikanal- a lovely place to live alive forever…

To the north of Tamilnadu you have Karnataka and Andrapradesh as the neighboring state and to the west you have Kerala in other words “God’s own place”. To the east side the Bay of Bengal and to the tip of south you have Kanyakumari - the place where the sun rise and rest.

The capital of Tamilnadu is Chennai formally known as Madras a great place for business located along the east coasted area of the country.


Tamilnadu ranks second in the country for its transport network, such as air routes, sea routes, rail routes and roadways. The state provides safe and secured journey to the passengers who travel throughout the state. It provides cleanliness, politeness and no time delay travel in all these respective sources of traveling. All the major districts of the state have International airports and the state has two major ancoring seaports namely Chennai and Tutucorin. The rail network is the greatest transportation of the state, you have it from Kanyakumari to Jammu and multi connection rail links throughout the country and the same progress to taken place with the roadways transportation too, and an awesome four way ring road national highway project is an enhancement to the state of Tamilnadu. This makes people glide on the road to any directions in the country.


         Tamilnadu is known for its four seasons with no great variation among temperature. It has a tropical climate range from 400c to 250c (116f – 48f approx) in the plains region. While the hill stations record much cooler temperature throughout the season. The best climate of Tamilnadu is between November and February. Suggested dress wear will be cotton in summer and woolen in hill station, if needed.


        Four Major crowned head – The Cholen, the Pandiyan, The Cheran and the Pallavas, ruled ancient Tamilnadu. These where the golden days of Tamilnadu to rise up in Tamil culture, art, music, painting, civil engineering, agriculture, etc., with unique style and strategy which even still prevails now in the earth of Tamilnadu. Following there principles with the neo-reformation, Tamilnadu did improve in the reign of Vijayanagaram Empire and with various small rulers like Nayaks etc., During the mid 18th century British over ruled the state as East Indian company and called the region as Madras presidency. In 1956, the Madras presidency was reformed as Tamilnadu and still exist the same…


         The people of Tamilnadu are affable, amiable, loveable with great hospitality and generous to others. They love to bring joy and comfort on others living, they are easy going and friendly by nature. They give much importance to traditional value, beliefs and festivals. They are orthodox but bravery is their strength. Tamil is the people’s language, but the people are multilingual and quite conversant in English, which make a tourist feel comfortable while travel.


         People of Tamilnadu have their own traditional style of wearing dresses. They prefer cotton materials mostly, because that suits the climates. Women are precious to the earth of Tamilnadu and that’s why they gift wrap the ladies in sarers with great fascinating design and colour which could hunt peoples sight, gorgeously and adds beauty to the beautiful. Men are clothed with a comfortable dressing called vetti and shirt, Nowadays traditional wear have become festival wears and fashionable wears have taken the routine of Tamil people. Yes! West is running to the East and East is moving to the west. That’s true


         It is said that Tamilnadu is one of the oldest place in the world because human activity have taken place by 3, 00,000 year ago. Tamilnadu is the place known for Tamilans and the Tamil & Dravidian culture. Hinduism is the major religion with great rituals stringently followed till date. Ancient days Tamilians worshipped nature as God, and later after the Aryans invasion idols worshipped as image Gods with great beliefs. Christianity and Islamism are the minority religion of the state of Tamilnadu, but with real good integrity these trinity of religionist is followed as Tamilians without chaos…

Even today traditional outlook is portrayed more in the rural areas than in the cities, the tribalism are still found in the hilly regions, they does follow their culture that yet matches the ancient days.


         The real traditional art of Tamilnadu is Folk Music and dance. This rhythm that expresses the aesthetic values and melodies of tamil culture, faith and worship to their gods. Tamil arts is famous for Therukoothu or street play, Thappathi Attam, Karagam and kaavadi, Dummy horse leg dance and peacock Dance, Puli aattam, Oyilaattam, snake dance, Urumni aattam, Ottan koothu, Kamaandi or Kaman pandigai, kali aattam or kolaatam, sevai aattam and silambam. These are the real traditional arts of Tamilnadu; later when Aryan’s invaded with idols it was a merger of traditional stir in the arts of Tamilians. Bharathanatyam, Carnatic music where implemented with some musical instruments such as Veena, violin, Flute, gottuvadayam, Mridangam, Nadaswaram and ghatam have added flavour to the Tamilians real music and real melody with great ethics to create great epics…


         As you know that Tamilians are aesthetic in music and Dance, their festivals are real master blaster to the state. Pongal the harvest festival, the chithirai festival, held at madurai temple, summer tourist festivals held annually at Ooty, Kodaikanal, Yercaud and Yelagiri Hills.Mango Festival in kirshnagiri, Saaral festival at courtrallam, the cape festival in kanyakumari, Natyanjali festival in Chidambaram and the dance festival in manallapuram are the worth ones. The annual Tourist fair in Chennai and the tea and tourism festival at Ooty and Coonoor are also the tourist attraction in Tamilnadu.


         The state of Tamilnadu is famous for its traditional arts and crafts. Tanjore is famous for paintings, mat weaving and Baskets and also it is well known for its gold foils and precious stone works on jewelry. The south Indian culture for homeliness is kolam. That is a sort of Rangoli with dots of white powder drawings, designs on front of every house. This predicts that in every family there is small dotted problem and the home makers will design those problems into beauty is the philosophical thought behind this kolam art. Moreover, handycraft works in woven textiles,brass items and wood are the added feature to the state.


         Tamilnadu is very much famous for vegetarian food which is very popular over the global because of good health. Variety meals and dishes will have its exclusive taste that Tamilnadu owns. Chettinadu is a small region in Tamilnadu compensates its quality in non-vegetarian dishes such as fish, meat, chicken etc., Tamilnadu a spicy tasty world for good eaters provide quality food to both vegetarian and non vegetarians.


         Tamilnadu, today has grown up into multifaceted business era. Information technology has a boom in the state and Film making industry is a boon to the state. Apart from this, major industries like, cotton, Chemicals, fertilizers, paper products, printing and allied industries, automobiles, cements, sugar, iron and steel, rail coach body building industries has a rapid growth in the state. This exposes the civilized people of Tamilnadu with literacy level to the international standards, proclaims the ladder of success into globalization as of today.


         The economy growth is on the progress side because of most MNC companys target Tamilnadu as a great place for all seasons and reasons. Perhaps! Rice, Maize, Jowar, Bajra, Ragi and pulses are the major crops which standardizes the south Indian market trend to the national and international level.