Tirunelveli Information

         During the year 1986 this place was announced as one of the district in this state. Tirunelveli is a town and the district headquarters with developing administration and trade progress. Even, this district lying down south has a lot of pre historical evidences to be the oldest city of the state. The state of Kerala, Gulf of Mannar and the district of virudhunagar, Tuticorin and Kanyakumari, surround this district. This place is famous for south India’s delicious sweet called ‘Halwah’.

Tirunelveli Tourism Information

        Swami Nellaiappar Temple and Kanthimathi Ambal Temple It is a pilgrimage center situated is the center of the town. A famous location for the south Tamil people to visit and worship swami Nellaiappar and Kanthimathi Ambal.

District Science Center

        This is a support to educational development in the south. This District science center is situated on the banks of the river Tamiraparani, the last river of the country. This organizes science exhibitions film shows science drama and science fair, to inculcate more scientific knowledge to the southern region science students.

Thiruvallur Two Tier Bridge

          The first two Tier Bridge amidst a city in challenging exposure of the south Indian engineers talent and a contribution of mega structure to this city.

Tirunelveli Tour Information

Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve wild life sanctuary

          This is in the south a most region of Western Ghats ranges. It has the tiger and other dangers animals as habitats.

Birds sanctuary at Koonthankulam (38 km)

           Birds’ sanctuary here is lovely to be watched during the month of December end and birds fly away to their northern houses during the month of June and July.


          A beautiful water spot which is a gift of nature to mankind here, this is a health resort. People of Tamilnadu will spend their vacations mostly in the season. A lovely jungle living, bathing with nature is a blissful harmony here… This place has eight waterfalls namely. The main falls, the five falls, shenbhaga falls, Tiger falls, Old Courtallam falls, Honey falls, Orchard falls, and Sitraruvi. The waters gush to cure with natural herbals is a fact. A worth location to visit in south of Tamilnadu.

Krishanpuram (12 km)

          You have an old treasure house of sculptures that predicts the previous beliefs and living named as ‘the Vankatachalapathy temple’.

Pulithevan Palace

          This is a very important place with historical proof; During the British conquering pulithevar the first chieftain in Tamilnadu resisted their invasion. It is a place of history as a headquarters.

Sankaranainar Kovil

          This is a place of Medicinal value. The Lingam in this temple to the personification of the earth is a belief. Here, the soil is said to be the medicinal value for skin diseases.

Manjolai (77 kms)

          This is a nearby hill station located at an elevation of 1162 sq.m. The climate here in pleasing and a peaceful natural atmosphere fills in harmony. Manjolai, there are some more tourist locations such as kakkachi and Nalumukka and Daran pool, the places filled with nature, pure water and fine climate to celebrate freedom.

Kappael Matha Church Uvari

          A small church for St. Mary built is the form of a ship facing the sea. This place is known for its miracles that happen here.

Pottalpudur Dargha

         It is built during the year 1674 an attractive spot to predict the pre historic periods.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

          Built is 1826, another historic element, so elegant yet small in structures provides huge faith on the Holy trinity of God.

How to get there Tirunelveli

By Air

         The nearest airport is Madurai and Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala.

By Rail

         It is a junction of rail routes connecting to all the places in state and to the neighboring state.

By Road

         Well connected with national highways network to all the places in Tamilnadu.