Coimbatore Information

Coimbatore General Information

         This city lies in the western part of the state bordering the Western Ghats. This city is surrounded by the Nilgiris Hills on the western directions and south western sides. Erode District is in the north and Dindigul in the eastern sides. Partially the city shares its boundary with its neighboring state of Kerala. The geographical aspects are 7471 area; the temperature varies ‘between’ 390 Celsius to 240 Celsius. This area was once occupied by tribe whose main town near ‘kosamputhur’ which late became coimbatore.

         And today! This city is the third largest of the state and the most important industrial cities with in Tamilnadu. This city is situated on the banks of the river Noyyal. Natural resources of rain shadow region of Western Ghats make this city cool all through the year which gives this city people enjoy a pleasant climate. The huge textile industry has a mass business and known as the manchester of the south India.

Coimbatore Tourism

Perur Temple (7km)

        About 1500 year ago the great monarch and the king karikal cholan who ruled these provinces built the temple in his reign. The presiding deity is Patteeswarar, some exquisite carven sculptures are seen here is really taking us to the back,to the period of our ancestors.

Marudhamalai Temple ( 12 km)

        Dandayuthapani is worshiped here, a unique structure of Hindu traditional temple on the hilltop is an added elegant to the city.

Agriculture University ( 5 km)

         As south India is mainly occupied on farming, Coimbatore has the best agriculture university in order to inculcate more farming performances. This university is rated to be the best institution in agriculture, on the whole of South Asia. Today this university provides education to rural pastoral lovers a great knowledge on quick harvest with latest machine and equipments.

VOC Park

        V.O.Chidambaram, one of the freedom fighter is remembered here for his love and care to this nation. This park has a mini-zoo with a few animals, birds and some play equipments, toy train to fascinate kids on their visitors.

Forest College (3.5 km)

        This institution trains forest rangers and it is the oldest of all the other institution in this city. The college Museum is a worth a place to visit.

G.D. Naidu Industrial Exhibition

        This Industrial Exhibition was established by Mr. G.D. Naidu who was a born technocrat and a legend in his life time.

Coimbatore Tour

Vaideki water falls ( 30 km)

        Welcome to the jungle of green and pleasant atmosphere. Vaidekai waterfalls is a great place to trek and picnic, It is beautiful by a perennial water falls.

Black Thunder

        This is a water theme park, to the standards of international level tourist, this is located near Mettupalayam. This is said to be the Asia’s number one theme park.

Annamalai Wild life Sanctuary ( 90 km)

        Situated at an attitude of 1,400 items from the sea level on the western ghats near pollachi …., this sanctuary consists of several species, birds and wild animals, A real jungle safari for the lovers of nature and pantheism. The Amaravathy reservoir in the Annamalai has a large number of crocodiles. Near to this sanctuary, you have Top slip, a wonderful place of hillstation, a picturesque locale and an ideal place to picnic in the Annamalai Hills. Special feature is that here, they train elephants to be at work with man- friendly.

Thiruppur ( 50 km)

        This is a place named after, Thiruppur Kumaran a valiant freedom fighter. And today, it is an international level textile centre famous for knitting garments to export. This place is surrounded with numerous dams built those days, namely the parambikulam. Aliyar Dam, near pollachi, the thirumoorthy Dam, Amaravathy Dam and parambikulam Dam, in udumalpet and the famous siruvani dam, near wallaiyar.

Sengupathi Water falls ( 35 km)

       This is situated on the coimbatore – siruvani main road.

Monkey Falls ( 65 km)

        Located on Coimbatore – Pollachi – Valparai highways.

Valparai ( 102 km)

       This is another significant picnic spot near coimbatore. This location is situated in the western ghats of Annamalai Range. This spot is famous for the tea palntations and a great place to picnic within. The cholyar Dam, the kadamparai power house are worth place to be visited. Horticulture farms, kallar, is located near mettupalayam.

How to get there in Coimbatore

By Airport

        Coimbatore is the centre place for Airport, which connects Chennai and other important place of the country.

By Rail

        Coimbatore has a huge number of connecting trains to Chennai, Kerala, and Karnataka and to the northern India.

By Road

        Throughout Tamil nadu and neighboring states CBE provides road facilities which are unique and it connects various routes to all the directions through the state.